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If you're looking for an authentic Australian essential oil, look no further than our Lemon Scented Tea Tree Oil. Known for its distinctive lemony scent and a wide range of therapeutic benefits, this essential oil is the perfect thing for citrus lovers everywhere. 

Lemon Scented Tea Tree Oil in Australia

Our Lemon Scented Tea Tree Oil is locally sourced from our own backyard here in Australia. When compared to traditional tea tree oil, our lemon scented tea tree oil boasts all the same benefits alongside a fresh, citrusy scent. 

Why Choose Our Lemon Scented Tea Tree Essential Oil

  • Purity and Quality: Our Lemon Scented Tea Tree Oil is certified, guaranteeing that it is free from synthetic chemicals and pesticides. So you can always trust that you're getting the purest form of essential oil for all your various uses.
  • A Refreshing Lemon Scent: The delightful lemony fragrance of this oil sets it apart from other run-of-the-mill tea tree oils. It's perfect for aromatherapy and adding a refreshing touch to your home.
  • Versatile Uses: Lemon Scented Tea Tree Oil has numerous applications. It can be used for skincare, haircare, and even household cleaning. Its antiseptic and antifungal properties make it a valuable addition to your wellness routine.
  • Natural Antibacterial: Lemon Scented Tea Tree Oil is known for its natural antibacterial properties, making it a fantastic choice for promoting skin health and hygiene.

How to Use Lemon Scented Tea Tree Essential Oil

  • Aromatherapy: Add a few drops to your diffuser and enjoy the uplifting citrus scent to get you in a good mood and promote overall relaxation.
  • Skincare: Dilute with a carrier oil and apply to the skin to help with various skin issues, such as blemishes or insect bites.
  • Haircare: Incorporate a few drops into your shampoo or conditioner for a refreshing and invigorating hair treatment alongside a fresh, citrus scent.
  • Cleaning: Mix with water and use as a natural cleaning solution, leaving your home with a clean and ultra refreshing lemon scent.

Unleash the power of tea tree oil with our Lemon Scented Tea Tree Oil. Whether you're looking for a natural remedy, cleaning solution, or even just an oil to fill your home with a citrus scent. Shop our Lemon Scented Tea Tree Oil and experience the essential oil difference!